Creating a Home

Wow. You all have given us so much in helping us move into a new place, and showering us with housewarming gifts. We now have a beautiful collection of kitchen and living room items, and we’re down to a few final needs, detailed below.

I’ve painted a few times since we moved, and this is the work I’m most proud of:

Image: an abstract painting with dark purple forms with white specks over them, resembling stars in space, outlined in white like clouds. Winding through the middle is a pattern of soft light blue and purple. Gold lightning bolts reach out from the dark purple starry cloud-like forms.

Our apartment is small but new and clean. We’ve decorated it with nerdy posters and paintings, and we’ve pinned up the gay and trans pride flags in our entry way. These past few weeks I’ve been recovering. For two and a half months we anticipated this move, and had to delay it multiple times.

I wrote in my last post about some of the generous gifts we received, and I am so grateful. Very soon I will resume my usual existential writings, but I have two last things to ask for help with. Please, if you have the ability to help others, consider helping with these two things:

Ryann’s Fundraiser

While we met our fundraising goal (thank you all so much again for your kindness!), my new roommate, Ryann, still needs to raise another $715 to catch up after the move and cover needs of their own. If you were willing to give to me and my partner, please consider giving to Ryann. They have the income to be on track to cover expenses soon, but this last push will help tremendously with giving them that stability.

Ryann also has a Patreon, and we are both writers. I write nonfiction primarily, while they specialize in epic fiction of many sorts. Their work is superb and deserves many more readers, in my personal opinion.

Amazon wish list

At the top of this list are our remaining home needs. We very much need a vacuum cleaner. We have one bookshelf that can’t hold all our books, and one to match it on the wish list. Also on the list are some pain relief products, holiday treats and gifts including games, and a few remaining kitchen/bathroom/household items. I also added canvases and paints so I can keep creating, and a gift card option so I can buy gifts for the people I care about. To those who’ve already generously given us gifts, thank you so much. For those who would like to explore the wish list, it’s here. (Update 10/4/2021: this link has been removed due to shipping issues)

I cannot thank you all enough for helping us to survive through years of poverty and staying housed in a pandemic, and most recently helping us move into a better place for us. It’s small and imperfect but it’s home. I have a collection of supporters to thank for that, and I appreciate it so much.