Welcome to my blog!

Here are some of the things I write about:

The book – It’s about growing up in a large, Christian, conservative family with parents that loved the spotlight. From 2006 to 2011, our family was featured on multiple TV shows and news spots, including The Learning Channel and Reuters. In 2014, I began blogging about my parents’ abusive tactics to keep us on such good behavior. That began with this post, “Melting Memory Masks.” This was followed with the story of getting kicked out.

My past is full of complexities with concepts that need further explanation, so I’ve blogged to answer questions like how a logical person could be a committed fundamentalist, and created guides such as how to identify manipulation. I also talked about what it’s like to realize you’ve been gaslit, and to have denial hide the past.

In 2018, I wrote about What Happened since.

Justice and Advocacy – After being homeless multiple times, I’ve become far more aware of economic disparity and the long-term impacts of colonizer-capitalism. I’ve written several essays with in-depth research on justice and advocacy:

Living With Injustice

This isn’t a gig economy, it’s a scam economy

‘Working from Home’ While Homeless

The Cost of Living

Burned Out at 30: The Rise of the New Underclass

The Search for Solutions

Psychology and Mental Illness – As I have lived with mental illness for many years, and the misinformation of the masses led to me growing up in a cult-like environment, psychology is a fascinating subject for me. I love understanding how the human brain copes, and can learn to process in a way that does not reject its own perceptual awareness. That said, I am not an expert, though I do read a lot on the subject and link to sources that are more qualified than I to make statements about psychology. So mostly, I write about my own experience on what it’s like to live with mental illness without shame. I’m really proud of this recent essay, “Dear Anxiety“.

Religion and Spirituality

I was a Christian for twenty years – from age 3 to 23. In that time I studied a lot of theology, and the Bible, and defended my faith, well, religiously. Few of my early blog posts remain, but one telling example of what I believed is in this post, “The Twice-Removed Desire“. It was when I began reading the Rg Veda and Zenda Vesta and Quran, and realized my holy book wasn’t all that different from a lot of other holy books I’d been taught to believe were drastically inferior to it. Deconstructing my faith meant reconstructing my identity, which I’ve written about at length.

The Devastation of Lost Faith

When God Spoke to Me

Surrendering to Science

The God Question

How Christianity Became Just Another Religion to Me