Moving Success!

We moved 14 days ago. I updated the GoFundMe and Patreon, but trying to get out the details and feelings has felt like a massive undertaking because so much happened.

My goal was to move before the election. I knew that was going to be a stressful event for the whole country. I expected that the results wouldn’t be in for a while. I thought we’d still be waiting by now. I’m glad to know there’s an answer. Like many others, I think the president will dig in his heels about leaving the white house. The stakes are high, but it is impossible to predict exactly how violent the situation will become. The stress of the election was coupled with the stress of needing to get out of the place we were living in because we’d ended our lease.

I spent all of October on the phone looking for a place that would open by October 31st. Not only did I find nothing, but our collective income as a few disabled poor people was not even enough to qualify us for low-income housing. In the end, a wonderful sponsor stepped in to co-sign the lease for us, and only then did we have enough to get a tiny apartment. A kind friend offered to help make phone calls because I have phone anxiety, and he had more success than I did finding something. By that time it was early November. We had to pay to stay in our old room by the day until we could move on the 14th. Waiting out those first two weeks, the first of which was spent waiting on election results, was loaded with anxiety.

I feel extremely lucky and grateful for all your kindness. It would not have been possible without the 29 people who donated $4,000 to our GoFundMe to help us move. I’ve also felt pampered by the many gifts you all have sent since we moved. I have next to me a pile of thank-you slips from Amazon. Some of the gifts were sent anonymously, others with kind, encouraging notes about my writing. We received stunningly beautiful dishware yesterday with stars scattered across dark blue backgrounds, as well as bronze plates and bowls. From the Amazon list my kitchen is stocked with more gadgets and appliances than I’ve ever owned.

After years of struggling to stay housed, I feel that basic needs are actually being met. Our budget gave us exactly what we needed to get through, and your gifts have fully stocked the kitchen, and yesterday we also received an air fryer! I felt a little selfish putting it on the list, but I would love to remove frequent deep frying from my cooking regimen and am so excited to use it. Another anonymous gift was, incredibly, the futon. It’s been wonderful to have a space for everyone to sit in the living room doubling as an extra spot to sleep.

Another thing that’s been astoundingly fantastic is seeing my partner able to get around more. Now that we’re in a unit without stairs, he can get to the kitchen and living room without a draining climb. This has already meant so much more space and access for him. He said he might cry over making his first sandwich for himself after over a year of relying on me to bring him food. His health still isn’t great and he still can’t do a lot of strenuous activity, but the difference in his quality of life is remarkable.

All of my bills would be covered if I could push Patreon past $1000/month, and that is my goal for the upcoming months: write as much as possible on the blog, and keep growing Patreon so I can rely on it. We are so close. I am incredibly grateful to have 75 patrons pledging $712 a month to support my work. It’s just enough to cover rent and utilities, but I need to bridge the gap to also cover my phone, the internet, and transportation.

I never want to ask those who can’t truly spare it, as a lot of us are struggling these days. For those who can offer support: If you join my Patreon for $1/month or more, you’ll gain access to over 20 paintings I’ve done over the past few months, along with tiered access to posts about my writing process and early drafts for the book I’m writing. Another thing that Patreon just announced and changed is that you can now save by paying for a full year up front: a Patreon annual subscription is currently set to 10% off on my Patreon.

I am still recovering from the move, but I plan to be back to writing in December. Expect more short reflections in the near future. Thank you all so much. Our lives are much improved from this opportunity.