30 Days Until We Move!

We are in the midst of a very busy time. I haven’t been updating much because my energy is primarily going toward physically demanding tasks.

Ryan (now spelled with one “n” instead of two) and I have been dividing up the labor as evenly as possible. Because I’m more physically capable of doing things, he’s been taking care of searching for a new place, making phone calls, and documenting our belongings and task management. I’ve been packing and doing errands.

Last week we received a generous donation to the fundraiser and it cleared yesterday, so we’ve been putting most of that toward shipping boxes. As many of you know, we don’t own a vehicle, so I’m grateful that there’s a post office nearby – just a couple of blocks away. I’ve been pulling the wagon with two boxes at a time to ship out to our destination. Each box costs about $100 to ship, so we have been paring down our belongings as much as possible.

One of the vaccinations the cats need is a two-part series, so we’ll be making a total of three trips to the vet – one initial exam and vaccination for each, then we’ll bring them both on the same day for their final shots at the beginning of July. This is necessary so they’ll be prepared for travel, and we’re getting them some gabapentin to help them remain calm while flying.

I feel so behind on writing. The fact is that there are a lot of topics that take a lot of time to unpack and spell out, so while I do write when I can, it’s very much on the back burner for now. I hope to pick it back up once we’re settled into the new place. I have been putting a few pieces behind the paywall on Substack, so please subscribe there if you’re interested!

It helps a lot to get paid subscribers on Patreon too. Lately I’ve been posting some behind-the-scenes posts about once a month for all paid patrons. Supporting me there helps a great deal with my steady income and what I can put toward monthly expenses like rent and bills.

Thank you all so much for your support!

Here are some pictures of the cats among boxes: