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(Almost) Hopeless

Content Warning: This article discusses police brutality, internet censorship, and near-term human extinction. Not sure where to begin after a day like yesterday. The onslaught of news was overwhelming. Later in the day, it became apparent to me at last that our internet is being censored. The omissions were eerie. For a little while, the… Continue reading (Almost) Hopeless

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Cultivating Intelligent Disobedience

“Loyal dogs, unfailing tool They do what they have been trained to With the eidolons, the minds are full The evil ghosts of old The evil ghosts of old Insanity turns back at last As soon as their food is done And dog will raven dog The claws crush bones, the claws crush bones Claws… Continue reading Cultivating Intelligent Disobedience

Justice and Advocacy · Personal reflections · Religion and Spirituality · Science and Philosophy

Surrendering to Science

My faith in God was not lost in a day. It took many years of questioning, and it all started with competitive Apologetics speaking when I was a teenager. Later my journey included many friends made and lost who helped me learn about science, or who gave me the same redundant reasons to remain a… Continue reading Surrendering to Science