We Haven’t Moved Into a New Place Yet

Belladonna being silly on the hotel bed

This month has been extremely stressful. As I’ve explained over on Patreon and GoFundMe, we’ve been on the move because our previous living situation was unsafe. I didn’t feel like I could blog about what was going on until we cut off ties.

11 days ago, we moved into a hotel and put most of our belongings in a storage unit. We needed to sign paperwork to remove ourselves from the lease, and we needed to secure our belongings and personal safety.

We unfortunately haven’t found a place to move into, though. The place we originally chose has been taking a long time to process our application, and they’re hard to contact. We’ve called and left multiple messages and they still have not responded. Ryann managed to get ahold of them briefly and all they said was they didn’t know when our applications would be approved. It’s been a month at this point. So we’ve been lining up options, and we have other buildings to look at this upcoming week.

Because we had to cover a lot of unpredictable expenses – an extra U-Haul and storage unit for the interim and partial hotel costs, for starters – we’ve had to increase our fundraiser goal. Now more than ever, we have to raise funds to cover additional expenses.

Honestly, being in a hotel has been a relief. It’s quieter and more private than what we’ve dealt with since the roommates joined us in our old apartment. Yesterday was also a huge relief because we are officially no longer connected to them, and we were able to block them on social media.

The longer details are now available on my latest GoFundMe update. Please keep sharing the link, and donate if you can!