What is this blog about?

This blog is about myself, but it’s also about the things I care about.

Everything matters to me. That doesn’t mean I know everything, though. Far from it.

In writing about my own struggles, I aim to include struggles of all kinds.

I can’t write about experiences that aren’t my own. My story is my own to tell, and I cannot tell stories that aren’t mine.

I’m often told to “stay in my lane.” I cannot speak to the struggles of others. I can, however, provide a space to feel openly about our common struggles.

Inclusivity is a crucial aspect of dreaming of a better world. I want a better world for all of us.

As a white person, I have immense privilege. As a queer disabled person living in poverty, I have disadvantages, too.

I cannot speak to the privileges and disadvantages that aren’t my own. I cannot claim that I know what it’s like to be someone else.

I can offer a place to think and feel. That is what I do in this little corner of the Internet.

My blog is a place of solace for those who have intense feelings, dark depths, and improbable ambitions of a better world.

Here on this blog, I talk about many things that link back to common themes of justice and questioning the status quo.

Growing up, I was isolated and abused and exploited. In my adult life, I’ve realized that this experience is all too common in a multitude of ways. Over the years, so many people have reached out to say they can relate in some way.

I want to offer an inviting, comforting, safe place to exchange stories and feel deeply. I also want to think carefully about how things are and how to reimagine them.

I am learning how to be who I am, and to find out what my role is in this world.

Thank you for joining me in this space.