Accessible Housing for Disabled Couple Fund

Everyone, this is the biggest ask I have ever asked, but I need all of your help more than ever this month.

As many of you know, we just met our last fundraising goal to help us make rent since I left my front-lines job to protect and care for Josiah during his illness. This covered rent and utilities through to September, and for that we are incredibly grateful. Beyond that, though, we are in great need still. 

Since I launched that campaign, two developments have happened. One, Josiah’s condition has worsened and it has become apparent that he will most likely be permanently disabled by it. Two, I was diagnosed with chronic nerve pain recently, which proves how difficult it had been for me to do demanding physical labor. Because of this, we are looking into the process of getting on disability as soon as possible, but it’s a lengthy process for everyone we know who is in the same boat.

The main problem we’re having with where we live is that it is no longer accessible for us. Our bedroom is at the top of the stairs and it exacerbates Josiah’s symptoms to go up and down them, so I have to climb them many times a day to bring food from the kitchen and whatever else he needs. He would regain so much more ability if he could just walk a short distance to the kitchen instead of having the barrier of stairs. 

It might seem like a weird time to move, in the midst of a pandemic and just before winter, but with each day that passes, my partner is more stuck where he is. We need to get settled into a new place as soon as possible, which gives us a month. 

Long story short: My partner and I need a new place to live by October, and before then we need to raise enough money to pay for a new place and to move.  We’ve estimated that this will cost us about $4,000 because we need to cover the introductory rent, deposit, and for moving expenses like shipping and truck rental. 

Cynthia Jeub

If you can give, we would be incredibly grateful to you for helping us get accessible housing and to stay housed! Everything counts.  

Here’s the fundraiser: https://gf.me/u/y2hfnd

If you can share or tweet, that helps tremendously as well. 

If you want to contribute to making sure I’m making enough monthly through writing to pay my own rent in full, please consider making a pledge over on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/cynthiajeub

If you’d like to give us a housewarming gift (we will need some dishes, furniture, and appliances), my Amazon wish list is here: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3EXV64FC9WHGH?ref_=wl_share