Josiah’s Illness Relief Fund

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much to the people who, since my last post explaining that my partner is very ill, increased their pledges or started supporting me on Patreon. We are still in need of figuring out expenses for the near future. The goal is to get to $1000 per month on Patreon, which would entirely cover our living needs. But until then, Josiah and I have set up a GoFundMe to help with irregular expenses, like his rides to and from appointments. This also helps with the utility bills, phone bill, and rides home from the grocery store, pharmacy, and labs as needed – plus adding to Patreon to make rent. Basically, we’re just looking for the bare minimum coverage to avoid facing homelessness again in the near future.

There is much happening in the world right now, and we are not the only ones falling through the cracks medically and financially. If you can spare anything for us, we would be so grateful. If you’re struggling right now, too, you are not alone.

We want to be out on the streets demanding justice right now, but every hour of every day is busy monitoring severe symptoms that are totally debilitating. If you are able, please also consider protesting, educating yourself on racism, and donating to organizations that support Black Lives Matter.

Here’s the link to the gofundme.