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Yet Another GoFundMe

I’ve made so many fundraisers to get by over the past few years that waking up on Christmas Morning to calculate costs and fall short is exhausting. As many of you know, my man and I have been steadily working to pull ourselves out of poverty. We’re doing much better – in the summer of 2016 we were living in a broken down car. Now we actually own a car that kind of works, and we have an apartment. Unfortunately our company cut our project and I’ve been busy once again with writing for businesses and websites. My generic writing and ghostwriting has been getting us by, and my man is also working hard to find a job. But now we’re looking at the end of the month, and all my work is going to barely cover a few bills.

Please, if you can, consider helping us. I hope this is the last time we need to run yet another fundraiser. It makes me feel so ashamed even though I know the economy is terrible.

Here is a link to our GoFundMe.